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Rates for the 2024 season courses

Cours particulier
Cours en groupe
Cours de 2h
160$ usd
120$ usd par personne
Forfait découverte (3 sessions de 2h)
450$ usd
330$ usd par personne
Learning stages

1st Lesson:

On the beach: Several exercises to control the kite and manage traction.

On the water: Initially kneeling, then standing on a stand-up paddleboard. First half-turns.

2nd Lesson:

On the beach: Review of previous day's learning. Power regulation management and trajectory control.

On the water: Return to the same point, increase gliding speed and stability, improve half-turns.

3rd Lesson:

On the beach: Explanation of the steps to follow to achieve and maintain flight on the Foil.

On the water: Continue to improve stability and speed. Attempt first flights and maintain flight for the more adept.

These steps are for informational purposes only. Progression will vary depending on each individual's sporting and gliding abilities. We will adjust the equipment (Stand up paddle or Foil depending on the level of progression)

Wing foil a las terrenas
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